Top 4 SEO Metrics

As an electronic marketer, measuring the achievement of your work through SEO is vital. Fortunately, you can find easy-to-use and understand online tools (such as Google Analytics), that provide marketers with an opportunity to examine and divide reports to track their search engine optimization metrics.

1.Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is your online traffic which you get if you appear in search engine results pages without needing to pay for positioning. The main reason organic search engine traffic is number one on our SEO metric listing is since you’re going to want to understand how many people are visiting your website as a consequence of your search engine optimization strategy.

Organic traffic represents over 60% of overall visitors to your site.

2.Bounce Rates

The bounce rate enables you to know the number of people has “bounced” from the site after only seeing one page. Measured as a proportion of people, a lesser percentage is really better.

When and if you become aware of your bounce rate is steadily growing, you might wish to look at doing some work on your site to encourage people to remain on your website to enhance your websites” stickiness.” This may include hyperlinks to related articles or other things of interest.

3.Conversion Rates

Conversion speed optimization is as vital as it’s because when you maximize your conversion rate, it is possible to boost revenue per customer, acquire more clients and finally, increase your company.

Conversion rates quantify if your marketing efforts are in fact working and what number of prospects you’re turning into sales.

4.Best Exit Pages

Exit pages are the last pages that people will see before leaving your website. Tracking these webpages is essential since it is going to provide you some insight as to where people are shedding interest/jumping from the site.

From that point, you are going to need to work out why

Your aim as an electronic marketer ought to be to make sure that visitors aren’t losing interest in your site, which explains why it’s very important to enhance pages where you find people are leaving.